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CTA of the Heart: Differential Diagnosis Beyond Coronary Artery Disease

by  Elliot K Fishman, MD


This computer based exhibit will provide a series of challenging cardiac CT cases that go beyong coronary artery stenosis. Using a quiz format you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself with this series of interesting cases.

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Overview and Objectives

The evolution of CT from 4 to 16 to 64 slice MDCT to the recent introduction of 256 and 320 slice MDCT have led to a sea of change in imaging technology and clinical applications. Coronary artery evaluation is probably recognized as the poster child for this new technology with many systems focusing on the evalution of coronary artery disease.

Yet, we all recognize that 64 MDCT and beyond produce far more capabilities for cardiac imaging than trying to detect a vessel stenosis of 50% of greater. In this exhibit we will address a range of cardiac pathologies that are now routinely part of our daily workload.

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