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CTisus CT Protocols

CT Protocols: Pearls and Pitfalls 2024


The original goal of nearly 25 years ago was to provide a source for CT scan protocols. Today with numerous CT scan manufacturers around the world and with numerous makes and models of scanners constantly changing it is essentially impossible to provide a set of protocols for what would likely be 100 different scanners. Therefore we are changing and rebuilding our protocol section to provide the pearls and pitfalls for a range of scan protocols. We will try to make this a problem based approach (e.g. what's the protocol for an incidental adrenal lesion) and help you optimize your protocols on a daily basis. As for the specific of mAs, kVp and dose reduction on your scanner please get this information from your scanner provider. We will make certain that you do the best scans and we look forward to the role of AI in selecting protocols and scanner parameters in the near future. We will keep you up to date on these new developments as we expand this section. Let us know what protocols you have issues with and we will address them.

We hope you find this useful and would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you might have.

CTisus CT Protocols

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