Specific Anatomic RegionInternal auditory canals
ApplicationR/O mass, infection
AuthorJoe Cooper
Reference SourceSiemens Medical Systems
Scanner UsedSiemens Plus4 Volume Zoom
KV / mAs / Time per Rotation (sec)120/220/1.0
Detector Collimation (mm).5
Slice Thickness (mm).5 or 1
Data Reconstruction Interval (mm).5 or 1
Table Speed (mm per rotation) / Pitch1/2
Oral ContrastN/A
IV Contrast Volume and TypeN/A
Injection RateN/A
Scan Delay (sec)N/A
3D Technique UsedN/A
  • If a tilted gantry is used, then the study is done in sequence mode. The parameters are 140/220/1.0 with .5 mm collimations and .5 mm slice thickness. Both are done with the 90U ultra sharp kernel.
  • With .5 mm detectors you have isotropic datasets.