Specific Anatomic RegionAbdomen & Pelvis
ApplicationStage lymphoma
AuthorFishman EK
Reference Sourcepersonal communication
Scanner UsedSiemans Somatom Plus-4
Injection Rate2cc/sec
Contrast Volume and Type120 of Omnipaque 350
Area ScannedDiagphram to symphysis
Scan Delay50-60sec
Length of Spiral (time)30-40sec
Slice Thickness5mm
Table Speed/Pitch8mm/sec or pitch of 1.6
Reconstruction Interval5mm
3D Technique UsedN/A
• Follow-up studies can be done at 8mm intervals rather than 5mm, although we will always do it at 5mm intervals.
• Arterial phase images may make it difficult to evaluate splenic involvement, or to detect renal involvement. We want to image in the portal phase.