Specific Anatomic RegionAbdomen
AuthorNovelline RA et al.
Reference SourceRadiol Clin NA Vol.37 No. 3 May 1999:591-612
Scanner UsedGE Hi-Lite Advantage
Injection Rate2-3ml/sec
Contrast Volume and Type135 ml of 60%
Area Scanned1. Highest hemidiaphragm thru kidneys
2. Below kidneys through ischial rami.
Scan Delay70 sec/additional 70 sec.
Length of Spiral (time)30-40 sec./non spiral
Slice Thickness5mm/5mm
Table Speed/Pitch1.5 pitch/5mm increments
Reconstruction Interval5mm
3D Technique UsedNone
  • Two sequences are used. The first is spiral and the second is standard incremental scanning.
  • Oral contrast is routinely given (water soluble agent).
  • Rectal contrast is given when colon injury is suspected.