Specific Anatomic RegionRenal arteries
ApplicationRenal artery stenosis evaluation
AuthorGalanski M et al.
Reference SourceRadiology 1993; 189:185-192
Scanner UsedSiemens Somatom Plus or Plus-S
Injection Rate3-5ml/sec (choice 3.5ml/sec)
Contrast Volume and Type100-150ml of Iopromide-300
Area ScannedEntire length of the kidneys
Scan DelayTest-dose timing (usually 20-30sec)
Length of Spiral (time)32sec
Slice Thickness2mm
Table Speed/Pitch2mm/sec with a pitch of 1
Reconstruction Interval1-2mm
3D Technique UsedGradient shaded-surface rendering (with threshold of 130-220 HU) and MIP
Comment: Test dosing to optimize timing was used in this study. This is similar to work by Rubin et al. but they inject at 5cc/sec. A key in these cases is to look for accessory renal arteries which increase the length of coverage needed.