Specific Anatomic RegionRenal arteries
ApplicationRenal artery stenosis evaluation
AuthorSmith, P.A. and Fishman E.K.
Reference SourceThree-dimensional CT angiography: Renal applications. Semin US CT MR, 19(5), 413-424.
Scanner UsedSiemens Somatom Plus or Plus-4
Injection Rate3ml/sec
Contrast Volume and Type120-150cc Omnipaque 350
Area ScannedEntire length of both kidneys
Scan Delay25sec
Length of Spiral (time)30-40sec
Slice Thickness2mm
Table Speed/Pitch3-4mm/sec
Reconstruction Interval1mm
3D Technique UsedVolume rendering
Comment: This protocol covers both kidneys and so can evaluate multiple renal aa. A set of noncontrast scans are obtained to first define the area of interest.