Specific Anatomic RegionAbdominal Aorta
ApplicationEvaluate AAA
AuthorZeman RK et al.
Reference SourceAJR 1995; 164:917-922
Scanner UsedGE HiSpeed CT
Injection Rate2.5ml/sec
Contrast Volume and Type125ml of Iohexol 300
Area ScannedDiaphragm to symphysis pubis
Scan Delay40sec
Length of Spiral (time)32sec
Slice Thickness3mm first 20sec, 7mm rest of study
Table Speed/Pitch3mm/sec and 7mm/sec with a pitch of 1:1
Reconstruction Interval33-43% overlap
3D Technique UsedMIP, shaded-surface, sum of pixel (ray-sum)
  • In other articles these authors found that MPR and 3D imaging were very useful.
  • With newer scanners a single spiral is done without changing the slice thickness & keeping it 3mm throughout the study.