Specific Anatomic RegionCarotid Arteries
ApplicationCarotid artery stenosis
AuthorKuszyk B.S., Beauchamp, N.J. and Fishman, E.K. (1998).
Reference SourceNeurovascular applications of CT angiography. Semin US CT MR, 19(5), 394-404.
Scanner UsedSiemens Somatom Plus 4
Injection Rate3cc/sec
Contrast Volume and Type120cc of Omnipaque 350
Area ScannedFrom C4 to base of skull
Scan Delay 18sec
Length of Spiral (time)25-30sec
Slice Thickness2mm
Table Speed/Pitch4mm/sec or a pitch of 2
Reconstruction Interval1mm
3D Technique UsedVolume rendering with MIP as a supplement
Comment: The key is to edit out obscuring structures in order to define the carotid aa without overlapping structures which may interfere with accuracy.