Specific Anatomic RegionFacial region
AuthorRhea JT et al.
Reference SourceRadiol Clin NA Vol. 37 No. 3 May 1999: 489-513
Scanner UsedGE Hi-Lite Advantage
Injection RateN/A
Contrast Volume and TypeNone used
Area ScannedCoronal- from front of nasal bone to behind sphenoid sinuses.
Axial- from below maxillae to above frontal sinuses.
Scan Delay None
Length of Spiral (time)Not defined
Slice ThicknessCoronal: 3mm
Axial: 3m
Table Speed/PitchCoronal: 4.5mm/sec
Axial: 4.5mm/sec
Reconstruction IntervalCoronal: 3mm or 1
Axial: 3mm or 1
3D Technique UsedShaded surface (SSD)
Comments: 1.Scanning is done in both coronal and axial plane.
2. Data is reconstructed at 1mm interval when MPR or 3D is done.