Specific Anatomic RegionHepatic Vascular Tree
ApplicationCreate a vascular map for preoperative evaluation of the liver
AuthorBluemke D et al.
Reference SourceRadiology 1993; 186:576-579
Scanner UsedSiemens Somatom Plus 4
Injection Rate3cc/sec
Contrast Volume and Type150cc of Omnipaque 350
Area ScannedSpan of entire liver
Scan Delay30sec/60sec (approx)
Length of Spiral (time)40sec
Slice Thickness3mm
Table Speed/Pitch5-6mm/sec with a pitch of up to 2
Reconstruction Interval1-3mm
3D Technique UsedVolume rendering
Comment: Volume rendering can display both tumor and vascular structures in a single image. In these cases a dual-phase spiral CT is obtained with the first spiral in the arterial phase and the second spiral in the portal venous phase. The time between the two spirals should ideally be minimized.