Specific Anatomic RegionCommon Bile Duct
ApplicationDetection of choledocholithiasis
AuthorNeitlich et al.
Reference SourceRadiology 1997; 203:753-757
Scanner UsedGE HiSpeed Advantage
Injection RateN/A
Contrast Volume and TypeNone
Area ScannedTop of gall bladder fossa through the bottom of the pancreas
Scan Delay None
Length of Spiral (time)24sec
Slice Thickness5mm
Table Speed/PitchPitch of 1
Reconstruction Interval2mm
3D Technique UsedNone
  • Spiral CT had a sensitivity of 88%, a specificity of 97% and an accuracy of 94% in the diagnosis of common bile duct stones (when compared with ERCP).
  • I personally recommend 3mm collimation reconstructed at 3mm intervals.