Specific Anatomic RegionLiver
ApplicationSuspected hepatoma
AuthorBaron RL et al.
Reference SourceRadiology 1996; 199:505-511
Scanner UsedGE HiSpeed Advantage
Injection Rate3-5ml/sec
Contrast Volume and Type150ml of Optiray 320
Area ScannedEntire liver
Scan DelayArterial phase (AP): 20secDelayed phase (DP): 60-70sec
Length of Spiral (time)20-30sec each
Slice Thickness7mm
Table Speed/Pitch7mm/sec
Reconstruction Interval7mm
3D Technique UsedNone
Comment: If the scanner can only obtain a single spiral scan then the arterial-phase study should be chosen as this is the best phase for lesion detection. Some sites will also do non contrast studies although we typically do not find it necessary.