Specific Anatomic RegionLiver
ApplicationSuspected metastases from colon cancer
AuthorCh'en IY et al.
Reference SourceJ Comput Assist Tomogr 21(3):391-397
Scanner UsedSomatom Plus-4 or GE HiSpeed Advantage
Injection Rate5ml/sec
Contrast Volume and Type200ml of Omnipaque-300
Area ScannedEntire liver
Scan Delay25-30sec (arterial)60-70sec (portal venous)
Length of Spiral (time)Up to 30sec
Slice Thickness5mm
Table Speed/Pitch5-8mm/sec or a pitch of 1-1.6
Reconstruction Interval2.5mm
3D Technique UsedNone
Comment: Although a dual-phase study might in theory be better, our experience and that of Ch'en et al. shows little difference in actual results. Dual-phase spiral CT does not appear to be indicated in the evaluation of liver metastases from colon cancer. Portal-venous-phase imaging alone is necessary.