Specific Anatomic RegionLiver
ApplicationEvaluate liver for metastasis following cryosurgery
AuthorKuszyk B, Fishman EK
Reference SourceRadiology 2000 Nov;217(2)477-486
Scanner UsedSiemens Somatom Plus 4
Injection Rate3cc/sec
Contrast Volume and Type120-150cc of Omnipaque 350
Area ScannedFrom dome of liver to just below the inferior border of the liver
Scan Delay 30sec / 60-70sec
Length of Spiral (time)30-40sec
Slice Thickness3mm for arterial phase 5mm for portal venous phase
Table Speed/Pitch5mm/sec or a pitch of 1.6
Reconstruction Interval3mm for arterial phase 5mm for portal venous phase
3D Technique UsedVolume rendering
Comment: The protocol is under investigation to see whether we can be more accurate in detecting tumor recurrence or response following cryosurgery.