Specific Anatomic RegionKidney
ApplicationR/O renal obstruction by a stone
AuthorKatz et al.
Reference SourceAJR 1996; 166:1319-1322
Scanner UsedGE HiSpeed Advantage
Injection RateNo contrast used
Contrast Volume and TypeN/A
Area ScannedFrom midportion T-12 to midportion of symphysis
Scan DelayNone
Length of Spiral (time)30-40sec
Slice Thickness5mm
Table Speed/PitchPitch of 1.6
Reconstruction Interval3mm
3D Technique UsedNone
Comment: Associated findings including hydronephrosis, hydroureter, perinephric soft tissue stranding or edema, and periureteral edema help make the diagnosis even if a stone is poorly seen.