Specific Anatomic RegionTrachea
ApplicationVirtual bronchoscopy
AuthorLee KS et al.
Reference SourceRadioGraphics 1977; 17:555-567
Scanner UsedGE HiSpeed Advantage
Injection RateN/A
Contrast Volume and TypeNone
Area ScannedDepends on clinical question (i.e. bronchi vs airway)
Scan Delay None
Length of Spiral (time)Up to 30sec
Slice Thickness3mm
Table Speed/Pitch3mm/sec
Reconstruction Interval1.5mm
3D Technique UsedShaded surface
Comment: This technique will have a limited scan distance of 9cm. We believe you can increase the pitch to 2 which gives you 18cm coverage, which is enough for the trachea and major airways. Newer single detector scanners can cover a larger volume and the enrite airway scanned.