Specific Anatomic RegionBronchial Tree
ApplicationSuspected tumor or inflammatory disease
AuthorLee KS et al.
Reference SourceRadioGraphics 1997; 17:555-567
Scanner UsedGE HiSpeed Advantage
Injection RateN/A
Contrast Volume and TypeNone
Area ScannedLevel of right middle lobe bronchus cephalad to the distal trachea
Scan Delay None
Length of Spiral (time)30sec
Slice Thickness3mm
Table Speed/Pitch3mm/sec or pitch of 1
Reconstruction Interval1.5mm
3D Technique UsedThresholding on Advantage windows 3D
Comment: If you increase the pitch to 2 you can scan the entire airway. This is more logical. IV contrast may be helpful in staging tumors by defining nodal disease. The authors reconstructed the raw data with the bone algorithm. We do not use thresholding for 3D studies but recommend volume rendering as well as MIP.