Specific Anatomic RegionAdrenal Glands
ApplicationR/O pheochromocytoma
AuthorFishman EK
Reference SourceEndocrinol Metab Clin NA, 2000 March;29(1)27-42.
Scanner UsedSiemens Somatom Plus 4
Injection RateNo contrast
Contrast Volume and TypeN/A
Area ScannedFrom 2cm above to 2cm below adrenal
Scan Delay None
Length of Spiral (time)25sec
Slice Thickness3mm
Table Speed/Pitch4-5mm/sec
Reconstruction IntervalEvery 2mm
3D Technique UsedNone needed
Comment: After the adrenal glands are scanned and if no mass is seen, scans through the rest of the abdomen are needed to rule out an ectopic pheochromocytoma. If IV contrast is used, pheochromocytomas are very vascular. In order to recognize an ectopic pheochromocytoma IV contrast in routinely needed.