Specific Anatomic RegionRenal arteries
ApplicationRenal artery stenosis evaluation in a transplanted kidney
AuthorFishman EK
Reference SourcePersonal Communication
Scanner UsedSiemens Plus4 Volume Zoom
KV / mAs / Time per Rotation (sec)120 / 125 / .5 or 120/165/.5
Detector Collimation (mm)4 x 1
Slice Thickness (mm)1.25
Data Reconstruction Interval (mm)1
Table Speed (mm per rotation) / Pitch6 / 6
Oral Contrast750 cc of water
Contrast Volume and Type100-120 cc of Omnipaque 350
Injection Rate3 ml / sec
Scan Delay (sec)30 sec
3D Technique UsedVolume rendering supplemented by MIPS.
Non contrast scans are first obtained to localize the renal aa. Anastomosis. Contrast volume can be reduced to 80 cc if the patient has borderline renal function.