Specific Anatomic RegionSmall bowel
ApplicationSuspected ischemia
AuthorElliot K. Fishman, MD
Reference SourcePersonal communication
Scanner UsedSensation 16
KV / Effective mAs / Rotation time (sec)120 kV/ 225 eff. mAs / 0.5 sec
Detector Collimation (mm) 0.75 mm
Slice Thickness (mm)0.75 mm
Feed / Rotation (mm)12.0 mm
KernelB30f medium smooth
Increment (mm)0.75 mm x 0.5 mm (3D) 5mm x 5mm (filming)
Image Ordercraniocaudal
Oral Contrast1000cc of water
IV Contrast Volume and Type120 cc Omnipaque 350
Injection Rate3.0-3.5 cc/sec
Scan Delay (sec)Arterial - 25-30 sec Venous- 30 sec later (55-60 sec)
3D Technique UsedVRT & MIP
Comment: -We do dual phase imaging to allow us to look at both arterial and venous patency as well as to define the pattern of bowel wall enhancement. The same protocol can be used to look for a source of GI bleeding.