Specific Anatomic RegionAbdomen
ApplicationR/O renal or ureteral calculi
AuthorElliot K. Fishman, MD
Reference SourceJHU protocol
Scanner UsedSiemens Somatom Sensation 16
KV / Effective mAs / Rotation time (sec)120 / 200 / 0.5
Detector Collimation (mm)1.5
Slice Thickness (mm)2 or 3
Feed / Rotation (mm)24.0
Increment (mm)2 or 1
Image Ordercr-ca
Oral Contrastnoncontrast study
IV Contrast Volume and Typenone
Injection RateN/A
Scan Delay (sec)N/A
3D Technique UsedOn select occasions MPR and VRT may be helpful
This is the classic noncontrast axial study although in select cases reconstructions may help to localize the stone. Depending on the CT findings a contrast study may be indicated.