Specific Anatomic RegionAdrenal Glands
ApplicationEvaluate known or suspected adrenal mass
AuthorElliot K. Fishman, MD
Reference SourceJHU protocol
Scanner UsedSiemens Somatom Sensation 16
KV / Effective mAs / Rotation time (sec)NONCONTRAST 120 / 200 / 0.5CONTRAST 120 / 200 / 0.5
Detector Collimation (mm)1.51.5
Slice Thickness (mm)3.0 or 2.03.0
Feed / Rotation (mm)24.024.0
Increment (mm)3.0 or 2.03.0
Image Ordercr-ca
Oral Contrast1000 cc of water
IV Contrast Volume and Type100 cc of Omnipaque 350 (see comment first)
Injection Rate3 cc/ sec (if needed)
Scan Delay (sec)25 sec
3D Technique UsedNone usually unless adrenal carcinoma detected
Comment: - In cases of possible adenoma a noncontrast scan will be all that is needed if the HU value is 18 or less. For discussion of contrast's role in defining adenomas, please see syllabus in ctisus.com. When staging a suspected adrenal cancer, thin scans will include through the base of the heart to define IVC extension.