Specific Anatomic RegionAorta
ApplicationAneurysm evaluation
AuthorElliot K. Fishman, MD
Reference SourceJHU protocol
Scanner UsedSiemens Somatom Sensation 16
KV / Effective mAs / Rotation time (sec) 120 / 200 / 0.5
Detector Collimation (mm) 0.75
Slice Thickness (mm) 1.5 or 1.0
Feed / Rotation (mm) 12.0
Kernel B30f
Increment (mm)1.0
Image Ordercr-ca
Oral Contrast1000 cc of water (if abdominal aorta included)
IV Contrast Volume and Type120 cc of Omnipaque 350
Injection Rate3-4 sec
Scan Delay (sec)25-30 sec
3D Technique UsedVolume rendering supplement by MIP
Comment: -See presets in InSpace from our web site. For better detail reconstruct with 0.75mm thick sections. 2nd Recons: 3x3 ST 30 for filming
3rd Recon: 3x3 80 kernel (lung)
Film arterial phase at 550/50