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Quiz of the Month ❯ November 2019


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Quiz Discussion

1) The best diagnosis in this case is

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
double aortic arch
aberrant left subclavian artery
aberrant right subclavian artery
right aortic arch
2) The best diagnosis in this middle aged female is

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
SPEN tumor
neuroendocrine tumor (PNET)
pancreatic adenocarcinoma
serous cystadenoma
3) The muscle at the arrow is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
serratus anterior
latissimus dorsi
external oblique muscle
pectoralis muscle
4) The best diagnosis in this patient with abdominal pain is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
hepatic hemangioma
focal nodular hyperplasia
hepatic adenoma
5) In this patient with chest pain the best diagnosis is

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
RCA Aneurysm
CX Artery Aneurysm
myocardial infarct
aortic dissection
6) In this patient with atypical abdominal pain the best diagnosis is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
carcinoid tumor
Sclerosing Mesenteritis
7) In this 50ish year old female with distension the best dx is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
ascites due to liver disease
carcinomatosis due to ovarian cancer
renal failure
gastric cancer spread
8) In this febrile patient the most likely diagnosis is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
renal cell carcinoma
transitional cell carcinoma
renal abscess
9) The most likely diagnosis in this case is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
mesenteric cyst
10) In this patient with RLQ pain the best dx is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
crohns disease
ischemic enteritis
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