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Quiz of the Month ❯ September 2018


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Quiz Discussion

1) In this patient with hypoglycemia the best diagnosis is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
pancreatic adenocarcinoma
neuroendocrine tumor
metastases from a renal cell carcinoma
2) The best diagnosis in this potential renal donor is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
renal cell carcinoma
horseshoe kidneys
crossed renal ectopia
dysplastic kidneys
3) The most likely diagnosis in this case is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
metastatic renal cell carcinoma
neuroendocrine tumor (PNET)
4) In this patient with abdominal pain and weight loss the most likely diagnosis is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
neuroendocrine tumor
pancreatic adenocarcinoma
5) This patient with pancreatic cancer developed renal failure. The CT finding of note is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
renal mass
left renal vein thrombosis
contrast induced nephropathy
metastatic disease
6) The most likely diagnosis in this 60ish year old patient is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
IPMN with dysplasia
pancreatic adenocarcinoma
MCN of the pancreas
neuroendocrine tumor
7) In this patient with colon cancer the best diagnosis is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
Adrenal adenomas
metastases to the adrenals
adrenal adenomatous hyperplasia
8) In this patient referred for adrenal carcinoma the best dx is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
adrenal cortical carcinoma
adrenal hemorrhage
gastric GIST tumor
SPEN tumor tail of the pancreas
9) The best diagnosis in regards to the kidneys in this patient with myonecrosis is?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
acute pyelonephritis
too early in arterial phase for renal enhancement
acute renal failure
renal infarction
10) In this patient with right lower quadrant pain the best diagnosis is ?

CTisus Quiz   CTisus Quiz
crohns disease
ischemic bowel
carcinoid tumor
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