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  • Multilocular cystic masses
are radiologically indeterminate

    Differential diagnosis includes
    - Cystic renal cell carcinoma
    - Cystic nephroma
    - Localized XGP
    - Localized renal cystic disease
    - Abscess
  • Oncocytic Neoplasms: Facts
    - Fairly common diagnosis (9% of SRMs)
    - No technique to differentiate oncocytic RCC from oncocytoma with 100% reliability from imaging or biopsy
    - Hybrid tumors: oncocytoma and RCC coexist in one tumor in up to 17% of “oncocytomas”
  • CT Urography: Indications
    - Hematuria
    - High risk of upper urinary tract malignancy
         - New bladder carcinoma patients
         - Surveillance following malignancy treatment
    - Evaluation of congenital urinary tract anomalies
    - Evaluation of ureteral obstruction
    - Evaluation after upper tract surgery
    - Suspected ureter injury
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