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Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT) & CT Scanning

Special Studies

question1. What is virtual colonoscopy and what is the patient prep for the study?
question2. Do we ever place contrast in the bladder similar to a cystogram and if so why?
questionIn cases of suspected bladder perforation, be it due to trauma (MVA and commonly associated with pelvic fractures) or surgical complication, the most accurate technique to detect contrast extravasation is a CT Cystogram. The presence of perforation, its site and its cause can all be defined on this study. The key to a successful exam is distension by contrast of the bladder under gravity (contrast dripped in) and typically not by hand injection of the contrast. Bladder rupture can be classified as intra and extraperitoneal. The intraperitoneal cases typically require surgery.
question3. What contrast do you put in the bladder (type and volume)?
question4. Are there any other drugs or medications used in CT?


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