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Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT) & CT Scanning

Pediatric Patients

question1. What about the use of contrast in the pediatric patient?
question2. What are the guidelines for oral contrast in the pediatric patient?

Oral contrast is determined by weight as to the amount needed per patient:

1-7 Kg40-60 mL
8-11 Kg110-160 mL
12-15 Kg165-240 mL
16-42 Kg250-360 mL
Over 42 Kg480 mL +


Omnipaque 350 for Pediatric Patients.

6 ml (.02ml) of Omnipaque added to a 10 oz bottle of Apple Juice, kept in the Ped's radiology area. When mixed with juice it has a very good taste and patients will drink without a problem. To mix with any liquid, mix .02 ml of Omnipaque Contrast X the amount of liquid you are preparing. I.E. 500 ml Sterile Water for Irrigation, you would use .02 ml X 500 ml = 10 ml of Omnipaque Contrast.

Abdominal and pelvic CT contrast should be started at least 1 hours prior to the patient in the procedure area and may need to be longer but determined by the Radiologist. Just prior to the scan an additional amount approx. 30-45 mL should be given if patient tolerated. Sometimes water may be used as a contrast agent as well. On Infants, Omnipaque contrast can be added to their formula or breast milk and given via an infant bottle. Mix as above to mix with any liquid.

question3. What are the guidelines for IV contrast in the pediatric patient?
question4. Do pediatric patients need to be sedated for CT?
question5. What is the premedication regimen for pediatric patients for contrast allergy?
question6. Are there specific sizes of catheters used for pediatric CT?


Contrast and Amount Used in Body CT for Pediatric Patients


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