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Other Contrast

question1. Do we ever use rectal contrast and if so when and why?
questionWe do use rectal contrast for select applications. The basic principle would be for cases where opacification of the rectum and sigmoid colon is needed for defining the presence and/or absence of specific pathology. Some of the specific applications include:

Rectal Contrast: Applications

  • 1. Rule out a fistulae between the rectum and bladder or rectum and vagina
  • 2. Evaluate for rectal or perirectal abscess
  • 3. Evaluate extent of diverticulosis/diverticulitis
  • 4. Is there a pelvic abscess present or is it unopacified bowel.
  • 5. Evaluate a rectal or sigmoid carcinoma

Rectal Contrast: Virtual Colonoscopy

One other application of rectal contrast is in virtual colonoscopy. This is a unique application and in this case room air or CO2 is placed in the colon for distention. With virtual colonoscopy the patient is prepped for the study with cleansing agents and a specific prep is used. Please see the section on virtual colonoscopy.
question2. What is virtual colonoscopy and what is the patient prep for the study?
question3. Do we ever place contrast in the bladder similar to a cystogram and if so why?
question4. What contrast do you put in the bladder (type and volume)?


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