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1. We have "Fly Through" software, not the "Colonography" package. This seems to be a bit difficult to use from a technologist point of view. Will the results be the same? Should I have any concerns using this software? From your experience, how often will the radiologists have to be involved with the actual fly through process? At this time, they do not use the workstation.

Answer: The Fly Through software is new technology and is getting better. Our experience is that the new software works well and we find it critical for doing virtual colonoscopy.

2. We have Siemens Emotion 6 with only standard MIP, MPR and SSD methods in 3D. We are looking at beginning CT colons, which can be viewed in flythrough on our Navigator. However, if we want to use the colon package, we have to purchase a Wizzard also. Which do you recommend? Do you find the flythrough helpful anywhere else, and have you heard if the flythrough has any results in the GB or Common Bile Duct?

Answer: We do find the Fly Through helpful for other applications, specifically for looking at the airways. We feel that the Fly Through is critical for doing virtual colonoscopy.

3. Have you ever used flythrough to see the GB, bile duct stones, and have you used it to view bladder wall, etc? Also can you just use fly through instead of purchasing colon software? I read all the latest posts of VC. Siemens tell me that I can't have colon until June on a Leo; however, they would like to sell me a Wizzard with fly and colon. How do you feel about just doing fly on the colon instead? I really enjoy this site. I am recommending it in a memo to all 45 physicians and PA's.

Answer: We have not used it for the biliary system, but it works well in the bladder. Flythrough's best application is for colon and airway.

4. Anyplace to get more info on the software upgrades for the Virtuoso?

Answer: I am not sure what version software you have, and whether or not you have the volume pro upgrade. The best starting point is either to speak to your local rep/salesperson, or call central headquarters and ask for Lisa Reid. She will help you. Siemens has moved to Malvern, PA and I do not have the new number.


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