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Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT) & CT Scanning

Current Clinical Concerns in CT: Results : 3D Rendering


1. Have you seen or worked on the Vitrea 3D workstation? If so, how does it compare to Inspace?

Answer: I will say that InSpace rates our number one choice and that is based on image quality and ease of use. I hear that Vitrea is easy to use, but I have rarely if ever seen an image that I wished I had off their system. I will admit bias to InSpace, but the images are awesome. Just look at for examples. When all is said and done, the key to a workstation is:

  • (1) high definition image quality across a range of applications
  • (2) ease of use

What are your thoughts on the 2 systems. Let me know. Perhaps the audience also has some thoughts.

2. We are a small facility (non-hospital) and we recently had a demonstration by TeraRecon. Impressive, to say the least. However, we wondered what applications you use it for, other than surgery or difficult cases. As a small entity, what benefit could we get from it? Do general physicians other than specialists, order many of these type of reconstructions? Is it hard to navigate and construct these images? How time consuming is it for the technologist? We have a Phillips Secura, single slice, and it is very labor intensive to create multi-layered objects. We also don't have a great demand for them at present. Is there a group who always used this a tool for routine scans?

Answer: TeraRecon makes an excellent workstation and most physicians and technologists find it easy to use. You will benefit from its use across a range of applications, especially as it relates to CT angiography, virtual colonoscopy and musculoskeletal trauma.

3. WE have purchased a 16 slice CT with dedicated workstation. Our group's CT guru decided he doesn't like the workstation for various reasons, mainly that it is hard to use in his opinion. Where can we go from here? What would you recommend? Does everyone at JH read from the Siemens (Leonardo) workstations, or are there other alternatives?

Answer: As your question notes, there is still no consensus on the best workstation or the best software in the minds of many people. Therefore, much of one's opinion is based on personal experience, and the experiences are variable depending on factors such as training, expectations and willingness to invest time into the learning process. That being said, we are moving to the 3D volume world and using InSpace. At Hopkins, part of the problem is the lack of these 3D systems and they are not yet everywhere. Interestingly, the biggest fans are the referring docs who want everything quickly and 3D makes it happen. I recommend you speak with Siemens, GE and TeraRecon and get a loaner system and see how things go.

4. We have budget approval to acquire an independent workstation. We have a Sensation 16 scanner, and would like to know if you would recommend purchasing a Leonardo or a TeraRecon workstation?

Answer: Although both systems are fine, we would favor a Leonardo because of Inspace. For the record, we have helped develop inspace.

5. I was wondering what your experience has been with a network based rendering. We are looking at solutions for both intra-hospital and hospital/clinic. Are there any solutions besides TeraRecon and Hinnovation (recently bought by Vital Images) . You seem to recommend the Leonardo, does it have a network based access. Any recommendations.

Answer: The most widely used network solution is the Aquarious from TeraRecon. It has been successful at a number of institutions, and Steve Sandy from TeraRecon is a good resource to tell you how it can work.

6. Although we use Vitrea, Voxar, AW and other workstations, our techs prefer to use the Vitrea. I will admit the VR images for the COW are not the greatest, but our referrers are very impressed by the quality of the studies. Nothing on the Insideinspace website was mindblowing. Your biases are showing.

Answer: I did not find the question in your question, but everyone may have their own opinion.

7. Anyplace to get more info on the hardware upgrades for the Virtuoso?

Answer: I would contact your Siemens representative.


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