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Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT) & CT Scanning

GU Tract

  • CT of the Acute Abdomen: GU Applications

    Karen M. Horton, MD

  • CT of the Adrenal Gland

    Pamela T. Johnson, MD

  • MDCT of the Kidneys: Principles, Techniques and Clinical Applications

    Elliot K. Fishman, MD

  • Transitional Cell Carcimona: Challenges in Detection

    Siva P. Raman, MD

  • Post Test Questions

    1.  What is the best CT phase for imaging a patient with suspected pyelonephritis?
    1.   Non-contrast
    2.   Corticomedullary phase
    3.   Nephrogenic phase
    4.   45 minute delay

    2.  Which of the following is true with respect to unenhanced CT evaluation of an incidental adrenal nodule:
    1.   The minority of adenomas contain intracellular lipid (i.e. lipid rich adenomas) and exhibit low attenuation on non-contrast CT
    2.   It is insufficient; washout evaluation is always required to make the diagnosis
    3.   The smallest ROI yields the highest accuracy
    4.   a cut-off of < 10 HU is widely used to diagnose an adenoma

    3.  Which statement regarding renal cell carcinoma is not true?
    1.   58,240 Americans will be diagnosed with renal cancer in 2010
    2.   Typical age is over 55 years and occurs more frequently in men
    3.   60% of the cases are clear cell renal cell carcinoma
    4.   most common presentation is hematuria

    4.  Which statement regarding transitional cell carcinoma of the kidney is not true?
    1.   Average age is 6-7th decade of life
    2.   Male to female ratio is 3-1
    3.   40% of patients with upper tract TCC will develop metachronous TCC of the lower urinary tract
    4.   Make up 25% of all renal tumors

    5.  Which of the following ancillary techniques is most likely to help distend the upper urinary tract?
    1.   Abdominal compression
    2.   Prone positioning
    3.   Diuretics

    6.  Which portion of the ureter is most likely to contain a transitional cell carcinoma?
    1.   Proximal
    2.   Mid
    3.   Distal


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