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Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT) & CT Scanning

Additional Topics

  • CT of Incidentalomas: What You Need to Know

    Elliot K. Fishman, MD

  • The Patient Experience in Radiology

    Karen M. Horton, MD

  • Post Test Questions

    1.  Which of the follow is not a common theme of successful people?
    1.   Hiring the right people of a top priority.
    2.   Candor in the “boardroom” is critical to success.
    3.   It is important to address negative attitudes in the workplace.
    4.   Radiologists should only be concerned with interpreting the images, not with other parts of the practice.

    2.  Which of the following is not an example of social media?
    1.   Twitter
    2.   Facebook
    3.   LinkedIn
    4.   American Journal of Radiology

    3.  Regarding the incidental finding of a 3 cm well defined renal lesion on a non-contrast CT that measures 90 HU the recommended next step is?
    1.   surgery
    2.   dedicated three phase CT
    3.   1 year follow-up
    4.   no follow-up necessary

    4.  An incidental 2 cm well defined cystic pancreatic mass is found in a 50 year old female. The recommended next step is
    1.   surgical consult and recommend surgery
    2.   EUS with biopsy
    3.   repeat CT scan in 6-12 months
    4.   no need for follow-up


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