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Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT) & CT Scanning

Lung Anatomy

Within a volume multislice CT acquisition is contained detailed anatomy constructed from isotropic and near-isotropic voxel data sets. Complimentary axial, segmental and endoscopic perspective may be generated from a single data set. It is now possible to accurately define, depict and measure pathology within broncho-pulmonary segments of lung in a format more suited to therapeutic intervention. We have found this of value for localizing focal disease, mapping extent and assessing response to therapy. With refinement of surgical techniques it may compliment more limited resections and video assisted thoracoscopy, which may have increasing importance with outcomes of screening studies such as the National Lung Cancer Screening Trial.

This exhibit is designed to detail the normal anatomy and pathology of the lungs interactively through the use of diagrams, medical illustrations, video, and CT images. These illustrations and diagrams will correlate with CT images.

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