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Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT) & CT Scanning


The evaluation of the liver has always been one of the most challenging aspects of diagnostic imaging. CT scanning has focused over the years to optimize lesion detection and discrimination. Whether it was by adjusting the contrast bolus, timing of data acquisition or multiphasic data studies, radiologists have always attempted to optimize the examination of the liver. As we enter the millennium, the use of spiral CT with multiphase imaging seems to be the ideal study for lesion detection and characterization. This chapter addresses these problems and expands it to include not only tumors and tumor detection but also to look at the various inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases and other conditions that affect the liver. We present a wide range of cases that hopefully you will find both interesting and challenging. We have also included over a hundred pearls on a wide range of aspects of hepatic imaging. In addition, we have enclosed several different syllabi to help form a background of knowledge as you expand your expertise in hepatic imaging. We hope that you enjoy the program and find it helpful.

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