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Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT) & CT Scanning

3D Imaging in Radiology: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

3D Imaging has played a major role across imaging and its clinical applications continues to grow. Some of the applications include;

  • Orthopedic imaging (i.e. skeletal trauma)
  • Oncologic imaging (i.e. preoperative staging of pancreatic cancer and liver tumors)
  • Vascular imaging (i.e. planning aortic surgery and followup of patients post open surgery or grafts)
  • GI imaging (i.e. applications running from GI bleeding to virtual colonoscopy)
  • Renal imaging (i.e. detection and staging of renal masses and followup for tumor recurrence
  • Cardiac imaging (i.e. congenital anomalies to coronary artery imaging

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