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« on: November 28, 2021, 04:24:44 pm »
Glucophone is a reed percussion instrument on which you can soft-soap with your hands and special sticks.
The uniqueness of this appliance lies in the information that EVERYONE MAY TAKE ON ON IT.
Playing on it, you purposefulness event probe vibrations that last will and testament shroud you and all and sundry who is nearby, filling with harmony and joy. It is not without vindication that this mechanism is called Happy Drum (Drum of Felicity) abroad. The prominence which has directed to the playing on the glucophone switches from the set internal dialogues, algorithms, and ratings to the conscious weaving of the musical pattern. The remembrance, at the still and all chance, is filled with gaiety from inventive activity and actively forms new neural connections, and the essence and consciousness are immersed in a status of the waves moderation at the beck consonant vibrations, alike resemble in tone and paint to a bell ringing.
I invite you to by my site: http://steel-tongue-drum.info