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Title: Seeking better review
Post by: KindHope on March 07, 2019, 02:09:10 pm
Hello Dr. Fishman,

I received a CT scan in January after several months of abdominal pain, predominantly upper left side. The diagnosis was generally benign, except for a note regarding the the pancreas, which was listed as markedly atrophic.  An immediate EUS with possible biopsy was advised, although the Gastroenterologist  only reviewed the report and not the scan itself.

I obtained a 2nd opinion from a GI surgeon who did my Nissen Fundoplication, who at first advised me to not do anything due to the risk of creating a possible case of pancreatitis, but agreed to review the scan. I was then told that the pancreas is somewhat fatty and "feathery" which could create a challenge during any surgery. There was also mention of possible lesions. An EUS was advised.

At this point I would be so grateful if I could share my CT with you to to review. I believe your extensive experience in interpreting CT scans would aid in a successful path forward. Thank you so very much for caring about the patients and the practitioners in your field who toghether with you positively affect so very many of us.

Kind regards,


Ps:I did email this, but strongly believe it ended up in a spam filter, it happens often from gmail.
Title: Re: Seeking better review
Post by: Elliot K. Fishman, MD on May 09, 2019, 01:57:13 pm
unfortunately I can't read officially scans from people but if you send it via Hopkins Ambra I will take a look. Its free on the web