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Quiz of the Month ❯ October 2017


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Quiz Discussion

1) The most likely diagnosis in this patient with abdominal pain is?

H. pylori gastritis
bleeding gastric ulcer
gastric adenocarcinoma
retained foreign matter in the antrum
2) In this patient with abdominal distension the best diagnosis is?

Crohns disease
SBO due to adhesions
Cecal cancer invades and obstructs the ileum
Small bowel lymphoma
3) The least likely diagnosis in this case is?

Carcinoid Tumor
Duodenal GIST Tumor
Neuroendocrine Tumor
Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
4) In this patient with flank pain the best diagnosis is ?

renal cell carcinoma
Bosniak type 3 cyst
renal abscess
renal AML
5) The most likely diagnosis in this case is?

renal cell carcinoma
metastatic RCC to the adrenal
primary adrenal carcinoma
renal abscess
6) The most likely diagnosis in this 50 year old with RUQ pain is?

lymphoepithelial cyst
mesenteric cyst
7) In this patient with chest pain following eating steak the best dx is?

aortic dissection
pulmonary embolism
steak obstructed the esophagus
8) In this patient with hematuria the best diagnosis is?

bladder cancer
prostate cancer
metastases to the bladder
Paragangliomas of the Bladder and Prostate
9) Following chest tube placement the patient became hypotensive. The reason is?

active splenic bleed
splenic contusion
left hemothorax
gastric perforation
10) In this 45 year old female with abdominal pain the best diagnosis is?

serous cystadenoma
solid papillary epithelial tumor
mucinous cystic neoplasm
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