MDCT, 64, scanner

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Sensation 64 Scanner Parameters

Collimation64 x 0.6
Slice thickness0.6 or .75
Interscan spacing0.4 or 0.5
Reconstruction algorithmB20 or B45
Radiation ReductionCaredose 4D
Pitch (classic definition)1.0 thru 2.0

64 Slice MDCT: Anatomic Coverage

Pitch 158.2 mm/sec
Pitch 2116.4 mm/sec
32 x 0.6 mm19.2 mm/sec
.33 msec rotation time

Sensation 64 Scanner Statistic

Rotation time0.33 seconds
Temporal resolutionDown to 83 ms
Maximum slices/rotation64
Reconstruction timeup to 20 slice/sec
Maximum scan time100 sec
Maximum scan length157 cm
Slice width0.6, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2-10
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